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hey mouser!
first,i must say: this is a great program!!! thanks!!!
i was needing a program like farr,since i use blackbox for windows ( and i don't have fast access to start menu.
but when i started using farr,i detected that one of its functions is not using it's full power.
i'm referring to aliases.i'm not an expert in using them,but i think they are missing a few functions (or would it be that i just don't know how to use them? ;))
the functions that i think are missing are something like this:
1) create an alias fast (i know u don't like hotkeys,but IMO this would be an important place to put one),just like in typeandrun ( ->great console also!),in witch you just type the path to the file,ctrl + n and you've created a brand new alias!
2) i don't like the idea of selecting another option other than the first one in farr,so,it seems that creating a group just doesn't fit me..i'd like to create a group like,say..named 'games' with all my games,and then,to call one of the games in that group,just write it's name until it becomes the first one and then press enter..would this be possible?
well..i think that's all for now,ill try to have new ideas to help improve your great work!
thanks again keep up the good work!
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

(ps: sorry for the not-so-good english,i'm portuguese,not used to write in english ;) )

welcome to the site jgpaiva, i will consider #1, i think it should be added something like that.

as for #2:
you can definitely make an alias with a whole list of games in it, then just type the name of the alias group "games"
and you will see a list of all your games in that alias group, hit the # to correspond to the one to launch.

or is that not what you wanted?

thanks for the fast answer (omg how is this possible,it only gave me time to see a few posts :))
i sure would like for the first request to be applied,i dont like the idea of having two similar programs running at the same time(as i have now ;))
as for the second matter,thats excactlly my problem: i don't like the idea of launching another but the first item of the menu (like selecting it with # or f#),imagine this situation: if i had a group called games with more items than i have set to appear at the menu,i would'nt be able to call all of them.
in this "games" group imagine i would have minesweeper.i would like to call it with "games minesweeper".is there any way to do this?

reviving an old thread..

jgpaiva, can typeandrun show a file-browse window for the user to select the folders/files, much like windows' run box?

btw, the web-site seems to have expired, i had to d/l from softpedia...

Oh... i thought that'd happen :(
The author didn't answer me one e-mail i sent him, and i stopped using it. I'm now using farr and run box for that matter.
typeandrun actually has a completetion list, you access it with alt+down, i think, but it's not very handy :S


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