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WeeChat Version 0.3.0 is released ! :)

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From here:
on Sept. 6, 2009
Version 0.3.0 is released, after 2 years of work and more than 1000 commits!
This is a major upgrade since last stable, please read files UPGRADE_0.3 and ChangeLog for list of changes: configuration files and plugin API are not compatible with previous versions.
For this important release, site has moved to, with a new look!
Enjoy WeeChat!

Gothi[c]  :P excited? keke

I used it for a while after I learned about it, but ran back to irssi.... maybe I should give it a second look now

That would be fantastic Gothi[c]  :up:!
Lots of peeps out there loving it, but no proper encryption

Thank you :D

PS If you ever do keyex plugin please make huge announcement :) haha

Have been trying out WeeChat (0.3.5) and am liking it so far  :Thmbsup:

Nice docs, nice plugins (perl, python, lua, weeget, mouse, grep, etc), ..., much niceness.

futureHoping the OTR stuff becomes a bit easier soon.

Yah really is gorgeous, paws crossed Gothi[c] will have a chance to create the essential missing element  :P


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