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ToolTipFixer 2.0 for Windows < Vista

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I was going to post a link to what I wrote on my blog about that issue, but yksyks beat me to it.

Thanks yksyks  ;D

The nircmd method worked really well for about two minutes and then the tooltips were hidden once again.
It sucks that a memory resident program is needed for something like this but I'm going to give ToolTipFixer a try.

On XP-SP3 latest updates with IE8 I fixed it with this(found longback from DC) :
copy into notepad , save it as a .reg file. double click it to add it to registry. Reboot and it should be sorted.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“SetWindowPos”=”HwndInsertAfter, Hwnd_Top”


Not to sidetrack here, but can I ask what exactly the big deal is with .NET? Why does everyone hate it so? I have yet to find a single reasonable explanation as to why it is so horrible.-Josh (January 11, 2010, 04:06 AM)
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I think the original reason for all the .NET hate was you had a 1.5 MB program that required .NET so you had to go download the 20+ MB framework so it would work. This was back in the days before broadband was commonplace so a 20 MB download would take up a good portion of your time and bandwidth.

Nowadays, a 20 MB download is a trivial affair for most people & .NET ships with most versions of Windows, but those .NET haters just can't let go of a grudge even when the reasons are moot these days.

The user makes the choice at installation whether to install the program as a service or as a stand-alone manually-activated-only program.-Curt
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That's good to know for lucky people (like me) who meet this issue only once in a while. I didn't see it for months now, so there's no need to install a service.

-yksyks (January 11, 2010, 06:46 AM)
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The initial mentioning of this program said, "before Vista". However, I ran it once on my Vista, and it cured the problem I had with a menu hiding behind the task bar.


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