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Best PLAY-LIST EDITOR, please?

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- wow, Skwire, that's a nice app, this PlayTime!  :up:

For my personally situation, I will probably not use it. The very simple reason is, that each time that I started to create a playlist, I always stopped during the process, and deleted the outcome (the reasons being those that gave the idea to this thread) = I don't yet have any playlists!

But I took your advice  and wrote the author.  :up:

I have edited the initial post, in order to maybe get more answers about the best playlist editors, in general, regardless of my personal needs.

Have you checked out J. River Media Center yet? It has its share of problems, but it does all the things you listed (drag and drop from explorer, once the songs are in the library they'll stay there (it also updates very quickly), you can rearrange the playlist, and it shows the total time and file size).

- no, it never crossed my mind. I was kind of thinking "media", not 'playlists'.

Music, Images and Video in one program with all the tools to manage and enjoy them. All the ripping, burning, importing, playlisting, and syncing you expect from a jukebox application, and much, much more...
--- End quote ---

Having read the *Complete Feature List*, I must say it sounds as if it is very capable of almost everything. But then again, at $50 I also would expect quite a lot. But I think I first will download the old but free version 12, and have a look.

Thanks for telling about the playlist features!  :up:

My needs were a bit different than yours, Curt.

I want to generate a playlist for each Album (sorted by Track Number, not Track Title) and have the playlist reside in the Album's Folder. Ideally, I'd like to point it at the top most Folder and let t do it's thing recursively

I took a look at Playlist Creator 3.6 and it did everything I wanted except that the playlist it generates sorts the songs by Track Title, I want it to sort by Track Number. I've dropped the author a note on this.

Then I found this Mp3ListShellEx which allows for sorting the list by Track Number, but you've got to "touch" each Album Folder to select files then generate playlist.

Then I came across SnapPlay/SnapList which appears to do what I need. Last night when I tried to run the program I got an App Can't Load error, but today on a different machine it loads ok. Unfortunately this machine doesn't have the mp3 library, will try again tonight.

I realize that my needs are not the same as yours, but this is the only thread I could find that dealt with generating playlists.


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