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Complaint: FeedDemon is now adware, but does not disclose it

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2) The entire program seems to be running through treacle. The interface seems unresponsive. Perhaps this is a reflection of the synchronisation but that appears to only occur when FD is shut down. It's not something tangible that I could give you examples of but it just seems very different to the feel of previous incarnations.
-tanis424 (October 01, 2009, 04:25 PM)
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Is that so? It runs significantly faster than 2.7 here, and the feeds are synchronized with Google Reader as well. Maybe it depends of the numbers of feed you're subscribed to.

Paul Keith:
Can anyone else confirm the Google Reader issue? Is it really slowing down?

I'm worried that every RSS Reader is bound to be abandonware after the downfall of NewsGator Online and it looks like FeedDemon has been one of the few stand-alone RSS Readers that still gets updated regularly.

Problem is, even some other rss readers with support for Google Reader earlier had issues with the sync speed and update. I'm not really sure if FeedDemon has this problem but if this is a majority case, maybe it's time to permanently use Google Reader direct to the browser.

Can anyone else confirm the Google Reader issue? Is it really slowing down?
-Paul Keith (October 01, 2009, 06:37 PM)
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I didn't notice anything to complain about in this respect. If you normally use Google Reader, you have to be used to a bit of lag anyway. And you can still use FeedDemon as a standalone reader, without Google Reader integration, in which case it should be as snappy as it was before.

(I originally wrote "standalone newsreader", then realized a newsreader is something entirely different of course. Does that make me an old-timer?)

FeedDemon went to the ad supported model sometime ago.  There were a lot of complaints in their forums and on mr bradbury's as well, I just removed it after spending some time looking for a way to disable the ads, pity we can't charge them for time wasted with their bits of folly.

Newsgator have released an ad-free version of FeedDemon for $10 USD. Not too bad - I have no need of it, mind you, because the ads don't bother me. Actually, AdMuncher blocks them anyway, so I never see them!


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