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Windows Security Essentials

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If interested in breaking MS distribution laws new beta can be downloaded here I read it is sent off to OEM partners for final test so not much of an experiment. Can't see they have changed much about cpu usage in "resident" protection. How many notice is another question. If majority does not they probably don't care too much.

If interested in breaking MS distribution laws new beta can be downloaded here I read it is sent off to OEM partners for final test so not much of an experiment.-Bamse (November 08, 2009, 05:51 AM)
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I know someone who is an MSE beta tester & he's been running this version with no complaints so far.

Yeah more of the same but I still see massive cpu usage when dealing with many or big files, particulary archives. To a "not responding" level in Total Commander when really crazy. Too aggressive and makes me think of Avast 5 options of selecting resident action on each "packer" type, including self-extracting exe-files. Ok manual scan go after all files regardless it take a bit longer than Avast or whatever, but resident roller coaster feature is annoying. I also notice even when entering desktop from a boot. Slowly, slowly. With Avast and its temp + static cache there is no noticeable delays. I dont sense MSE is a tractor, just needs regular gasonlin instead of methanol. If someone from MS said yes that might be true but 1. We actually delete/repair files without notifying user so tool must check at all times and 2. Ever wondered how few notice this or even care? - I would probably see his point.

Interesting, I've actually found MSE on my older dual core laptop to be pretty snappy, in comparison to AVG. I can't be sure there's a direct corollary, but I do find the system waking up from hibernation faster, and I find less slowdown in dealing with the massive amount of multiple-brand browser windows I tend to have open at any given time (currently 13 Chrome windows, 9 Opera windows, and something like 20 IE windows). I've only had it on a week or so now, but so far I'm very happy.

I'm also curious to try the new Avast when it comes out. I have Avast running on my media machine, another recent convert from AVG, and so far it seems fine, but somehow I'm more impressed by MSE at this point. Maybe I expected less. ;)

- Oshyan

Well, except for approaching big files MSE does not seem to be consistent when doing pit stop. Most of the time it is transparent though or nobody would use it. Anyway, pic show some of the reasons why Avast feel/is lighter. Less will do but I had hoped control over resident scanning of archive files would be added in new beta. Not an easy one to ignore. Avast looks like a high tech wonder in comparison, even more options than in version 4. GUI will now sell Avast, not make people think Winamp. Should appeal members of computer forums. Need to check behavior blocker once it actually works but for now I think many will go Avast 5 once finished. Avira is annoying with updates/nags, AVG not all like/"recommend" - a little Norton story there perhaps. So important these 2 are available and foolproof in their own way.

Windows Security Essentials


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