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Windows Security Essentials

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I started using it- I had been using AVG for years, and didn't really want to spend the funds to re-up for another year.  I don't move around as much for work, so I don't really need the internet related stuff (firewall, etc) as I have a hardware firewall, so wanted to give it a try.  It scans really fast on quick scan, my computer is now responding better than it has in a while, and WSE actually found something on my computer that AVG had never caught before.

So far, I give it a  :Thmbsup:

Beta of 2.0 is way better I think. Now you can tinker with real time protection, more than just on/off. More important MSE now also have some caching logic to it = less hysteric than 1.x. Still strangely high cpu usage when scanning new stuff but may be because cache is updated. Acceptable loss of productivity and should work on laptops now :)

+1 for what @Bamse said.

Heh, heh - I just checked my license for VIPRE and its good until 2012! So for now I'm "sticking" on my own machine (hopefully the resource utilization will be tamed in the meantime - I'm already seeing some improvement, but how much is due to my tweaking and how much to Sunbelt's development is hard to say at this point), but I'll be watching MSE closely as I have it installed on four other machines in the house. I've been reading about beta 2 over the past week or so and it does look impressive.

Stoic Joker:
Side note on Sunbelt/VIPRE ... You do know it got sold to GFi a month or so back, right?


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