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Exclude subdirectories not working on Win7 x64


I'm migrating to a Win7 x64 machine from WinXP SP3.  I believe I have the same settings on both, but the subdirectory filtering in FARR isn't working on Win7 for the Dropbox directory.  See attached screenshots to illustrate what I'm seeing.  On Windows 7 there are two results for Keepass (one from the Backups directory) even when the Backups directory is in the exclude list.

Is there another setting that could affect this behavior?  I've gone through all the preferences but I may have missed something.

one thing to do is see if there is anything in your launch history that might be showing up.  you can right click in launch history to clear it.

also see if you have %MYDOCUMENTS% or similar enabled in search directory list.

That was it, I still had My Documents on the Win7 machine.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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