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For those who write articles on CMS, a question.

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Paul Keith:
Also, how important is it that your visitors actually read or scan the whole listing? Are they supposed to do that, or do they just arrive and click a specific link they're interested in?
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To be honest, in an ideal world, I would like online articles to totally replace books/pdfs but without the hypertext and annoyance of a generic static page ala a wiki.

Check out the BBC News site: they use lists arranged into blocks of different but coherent styles, so that they don't look too much like lists, and the content is sectioned in a very clear way.
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No offense intended. I'm not saying these are horrible but I find them confusing compared to today's Web 2.0 sites.

Maybe it's just the age difference or maybe it's just preference but the site to me is the equivalent of the OurSignal lay-out except it's more cluttered by images and categories and it's not as clear as OurSignal's way of showing which post holds more "popularity".

For example, with a large OurSignal block, I get that it's "more popular". With the BBC site, I can't focus on one text because as soon as my eyes are drawn to it when scanning...oh wait! there's a BBC sports ...wait! Is that a cook woman. Woman...*squints eyes* ...that is underneath... Cancer Jab "unlikely" death cause.

That said, I agree with your criticism of OurSignal and it's far from perfect. I just wanted to confirm whether Joomla might be capable of re-producing such an effect if I focus solely on it.


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