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For those who write articles on CMS, a question.

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Paul Keith:
Is the key difference just the fact that blogs are chronologically written while site/CMS articles aren't?

I was thinking if this was the only issue, I'd use a social bookmarking service to off-set this problem instead of learning CMS.

I think the internet is in a transitionary period where we have several different kinds of systems that are increasingly overlapped, and it's confusing.

If you think about a CMS, a Blog, a Forum, and a Wiki colaborative system -- the overlaps in functionality are tremendous.  And I have not yet seen any holistic solution that came even close to being satisfying.

Think about the DonationCoder forum where most of the content on this website comes from -- it's the most natural for us because most of what we do is interactive discussion.  I ended up building a custom "blog" thing for the forum that let me basically identify forum posts that get promoted to the chronological blog page -- which works reasonably well, but then it's not a truly full featured blog.

Blog comments and forum discussions are almost identical -- but they tend to be displayed differently because blog comment threads usually don't go on as long and aren't meant to have such rich formatting and content.

What about a wiki -- most wiki systems now have a way to have full discussions among users for each node -- again much like a forum discussion but again (like blogs) not intended to support such rich and lengthy discussion as a forum.  And again the organizational structure is completely different.

But we frequently find ourselves on the forum in situations where we'd like to have a more structured wiki like organization of information for certain things -- but usually that information was hashed out on the forum -- so what do we do -- strip it out and move it to a separate wiki where people usually never go? or duplicate it and then risk diverging non-updated versions?

Like I said I don't think anyone has come up with a great solution.. yet.. but i can't wait to see what it is.  I think eventually it has to take the form of a content system with different facets or ways to interact with the content -- as a blog, or as a forum or as a wiki -- but still be one repository of information.  I'm not sure exactly how that will look or work, but i'll know it when i see it.

Paul Keith:
Thanks for that insight mouser.

Still... it is problematic though.

What made you eventually settle on this model ...or was it a case that you just tried adapting to your needs and eventually when you found something that satisfies you, you just stuck with it?

like most things in life, donationcoder has just evolved incrementally over time..

Paul Keith:
I don't suppose you have an article somewhere listing the evolution of DC do you?


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