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Thinking about setting up a dedicated "secure PC" in my house.. Thoughts?

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i think another important psychological motivation for having all this on a laptop that i can quickly turn on and off, is similar to the motivation in having a small desk somewhere in your house where you go sit and pay bills -- which many people have.

i'm just thinking that it can serve to separate the activity mentally, so that when it's time to go pay bills i physically go over to the secure laptop, do that, close it and get back to regular work.  there may be a psychological advantage to making the two activities physically separate.

Carol Haynes:
While I love the idea of swappable/switchable hard drives and use them for my external usb backup storage, I don't think this is a viable option for what I want here -- nor is a bootable cd/usb.
-mouser (September 29, 2009, 12:06 PM)
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In that case why not build a new PC with eSATA so that you can hot swap drives as you want. You could store VM images on the external drive and run them as virtual machines but they are physically inaccessible when you remove the drive.

There is no reason why a VM can't be as secure as a real machine.

The VIA Artigo a1000 is really a great idea. No need to switch desktop, screen or anything. Excellent :-*


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