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How can I force a process to never start more than once (only one instance) ?

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Hi everybody,
I have a few programs (like Outlook) which sometimes have multiple instances showing up in the task manager... against my will.
Are there any utility which could prevent that from happening ?

I  tried Activate with Outlook and it worked well.

Hey ! That was quick. It seems to work. Thanks  a lot.  :Thmbsup:

Havent tried this Armando but it also sounds like what you looking for
Skrommel's SingleInstance

Allow only one instance of a program to run.

- User defined programs.
- Option to detect hidden programs.
- Won't close instances started before SingleInstance.
--- End quote ---

- this makes me ask if  Explorer is meant to run twice - the first one at startup, for the taskbar etcetera, and (later) the second one, for my folders (when I open them)??


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