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Anyone else hosting a Windows 7 launch party?!

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I think I can see where microsoft is aiming with this..
Instead of having what they had with vista (loads and loads of people saying they hated the OS without actually ever having been in contact with it), they can increase a bit the rate of exposure to the OS.
The video is just ridiculous, but maybe the idea makes a bit of sense.

do you have a beamer Mike?
that might help, or might make it too much like a presentation?
Are there no guidelines from MS?

How do you apply? ('FREE' always gets me going :-[)
What's to stop you just having a nice party and not paying too much attention to Win.7 (or whats to stop you from just taking your free disk and doing nothing... I grew up in a land of corruption - that was the first question that came to my mind)

sorry for the barrage of questions - answer whichever you want ;)

Tom - these are all good questions. I do not have a Beamer, sadly (more of a M-B man myself, though). I'm not sure what's to stop me from taking the disc and saying "ta" and then forgetting about it. I'm going to have a small party and spend a bit of time showing off Win7 and move on from there. The only "expert" in the room (where Win7 will be concerned) will be yours truly - Microsoft have a bunch of videos on-line for me to watch ahead of time.

Applications to host these parties are closed, AFAICT.

Just occurred to me - what do you mean by Beamer, Tom? A BMW or a multi-media projector?

I've been running Win7 since the RC, and I've got the RTM version (not installed though) for.. some weeks? from school's MSDNAA. So I'm not going to throw a party, except for the little party every time the machine boots with blazing speed :P


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