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Firefox - new window - can you remember the google search you opened with

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thinger may well take care of the main concern, except that it is no longer in any active development.  I will try it out.  Apparently it has a dedicated following, much like Powermarks while we waited for Linkman.

TabHistory is a good idea, but will not cut it.  I do not want new tabs to have a full history, since then there will be a lot of redundant back-pedaling ..

I simply want to know, without a lot of drop-down drag-out dohickey stuff .. what was my google search that got me here ? That way I can search for those words within that text.  In one window I may have 20 tabs open, and they may have come from five different searches, and I may have closed the actual google search that led me here, so now the tab is a bit of an orphan, and if I only knew how I got here ...

The best solution would be the page to open with a nice highlight somewhere.

"the page opened from Google search for 'donationcoder firefox extension multiple searches' "


If I have to resort to Google history, or a clipboard manager, I can try that .. as a workaround on occasion, but usually it is not so important that I want to look back over 20 searches, since afaik Google history will not tell me what I opened from each search.  None of those solutions will be very quick, unless there was some sort of simple relationship maintained between the search and the page.


Try using Mouser's gem, Clipboard Help & Spell and copy your search reference to clipboard. Saves almost unlimited amounts of clips that couldn't be easier to find. Left click thre program icon (orange clipboard in sys tray) and goto Quick and Recent Clips, or if it's been awhile, goto All Clips, then Clipboard and finally to New. CH&S is the original reason for becoming a DC Supporting Member.         Brian

 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

HighlightAll may help. Or not.

Whatever is highlighted stays highlighted till you actually x out the tab. It stays highlighted if you open a web page on top of that tab. clicking back, you will see the words are still highlighted, though every occurrence is highlighted. Which is it's main function.

Have you given any thought to the official google toolbar?

Not only does the text of your last search stay in the box, but you can set it to highlight the search terms within pages...and it keeps a history of your searches.

(does a whole lot more but I'll leave all those goodies for you to discover on your own.)

I googled "history of previous searches" and one of the items it brought up was this useful article: How to Find Your Previous Google Search Queries [Quicktip]


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