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Copy a bunch of cd/dvd

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Hardly any of the NAS solutions I saw support CVS (or something similar). Maybe the ones in the upper echelon of this market  support such systems (natively). However, there is a limited budget I have to work with.

NAS is useless to me without version control capability...hence I still use optical media. And yes, I am starting to realize that with current prices hard drives are becoming a more sensible choice (when used with exchangeable tray enclosures).


I considered NAS but it's really expensive (I live in Hungary)
So I bought a Sharkoon Duo Sata and a 2 port esata expresscard for my notebook.
And of course I will keep backup, I have two 1Tb Samsung Ecogreen.
(was cheap, and got some good reviews)

Oh, OK - but there's still a free download at , isn't there?-f0dder (September 25, 2009, 09:13 AM)
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 :-[ f0dder, I followed this link. Still trying to get rid of hundreds of classical music CDs. Does it work for CDs or just DVDs?  :-[

I considered NAS but it's really expensive (I live in Hungary)
-Nuri (September 26, 2009, 03:09 PM)
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No need for it to be. Try any one of a dozen free open source servers. Won't cost you so much as a forint since they're all free for download. That's the beauty of FOSS. If the first one doesn't do what you want, just download and try out another.

And if this machine isn't going to be used for anything other than media storage, you should also take a look at all those amazing free media servers. Why settle on just storing your music and movies when a media server can do ever so much more?


40hz: the software might be free, but the hardware isn't - and if you're using run-of-the-mill components, it's going to cost you in power consumption as well :/


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