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Copy a bunch of cd/dvd

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Don't forget that a lot of movie DVDs are dual-layer, hence, close to 9GB each.

But also don't forget that the OP did not say that every disc (or any disc, for that matter) that he wants to copy is full to capacity or even what the approximate size of the data is only how many discs.

Or how many of those discs are CDs. If the ratio is 148 CDs and 2 DVDs then even if they were full he'd have plenty of room.

Thanks everyone for worrying about my free space  ;D
I will try out imgburn, and see how it goes.
Sadly I do not have Vista, but Xp has something similiar, thanks for the idea.

Carol Haynes:
If you want to copy DVD movies from bought media life ain't that simple. You will need to use specialist software that can copy the DVDs because they will be copy protected.

If you want to copy music CDs likewise copying to an ISO image is probably not the best method. You could try ripping to FLAC format (which is lossless) - I'm sure lots of people around here will tell you their prferences on that.

As to automating both of those tasks I don't know.

If you are copying data CDs and DVDs then ImgBurn is pretty hard to beat - though I haven't tried the automation features.

Copying DVD movies: dvdfab platinum for decrypting+handling ARccOS.
Copying audio CDs: dBpoweramp or EAC - and nothing else. FLAC + cue, with AccurateRip enabled = :-*


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