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Xna Xsi free tool to make 3D games - Pinky Egg RPG


Pinky Egg RPG is a fairly simple and cute 3d game which combines the action rpg and playing with your animals and planting various types of fruits in your farm. You can actually buy the animals and sell their product for your income.  The money can be used to buy better and more animals and seeds to actually expand your farm into a large scale size. Besides, you can actually adventure into the forest and level up your Pinky (which is your hero). There are various types of caterpillar for you to hunt on, and you can actually make some ingredients and income for your farm! Also, levelling up your Pinky will actually improve your Pinky's energy and strength, as well as various types of skills for you to upgrade it! The action rpg part is very well correlated with your farm.

Current website at:

It's an INDIE game produced by a group of enthusiastic game makers (currently 2 people). The game is made using free tools mainly xna and xsi.  Do give us some support by visiting to our website for more info and do try out our games!! 

Though the site is currently a free domain but we will move to a more official site once the funding is enough. There are even some other free games available for you to download at the site. Your support will be a very great help to us.

Official Video Trailer for this game is available for you all to watch at:   or

Though it's some kind of promotion, but it is to show that you can create quite amazing game using just the free tools like xna and xsi!
Feel free to give any comments.

It sounds and looks a lot like an indie version of Harvest Moonw, which is a fun game.


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