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Idea: A content management system that lives up to the name

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I just wanted to bump this thread again in case anyone had new information or discoveries.
-superboyac (February 25, 2010, 12:47 AM)
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I have. Check out YII.

good article - not just about yii but about the process just about everyone goes through - the pendulum is about to go round again isnt it?

 - start with a standard tool
 - outgrow the standard tool
 - look for better tool but not find any at a reasonable price, find language/environment/framework that does custom

now rinse/repeat ad eternam, with 2-5 years in each phase:
 - get fed up with the pain of maintaining and growing custom - decide to switch to the new generation of standard CMSes
 - get fed up with the pain of having to maintain and grow on a standard CMS, with upgrades on someone else's schedule - decide to switch to the new generation of frameworks that does all the bits you remember were painful when you did custom. Optional: change language while you do so

(oddly enough, I'd say 40% of the market is in each phase at any one time, with the remaining 20% assessing where to go)

 - get fed up with the whole loop, "i dont want to have to do X ever again" - move to other department, to management or just hire a new young person who a)arent fed up with these questions yet b)know the cool CMS or framework Y and will take over that project

will it end?  one thing I know is that we do rediscover the wheel all over again each time, and forget what we learned last time around... partly because looks further back than 2 years in web technology if they even look back at all. The pendulum goes round and round with specific questions as well, around templates, scripting, splitting (or not) content administration from content presentation in 2 systems or one, mapping URLs to content, etc.

now rinse/repeat ad eternam, with 2-5 years in each phase:
-iphigenie (March 13, 2011, 08:39 AM)
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Isn't that what ALM is all about? but doing that alone can be something between daunting and boring, I guess :-\


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