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Idea: A content management system that lives up to the name

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So what is the latest on this front?  I'm curious because I might try out such a system, especially if mouser or tranglos is writing the program.  I'm finding it difficult to add content regularly to my wordpress site, and I'd prefer it to be a more cms kind of thing rather than a blog faked to look like one.  And I would LOVE what mouser mentioned earlier about being able to do it with a file system and templates.  Anyway, I was just interested in any news updates.

I don't have that much to report :) I got my php "minisite" system up to where it can serve pages built on the fly from templates and dictionaries. (This is not the same as Mouser's idea.) It works, but cannot handle a number of edge cases, such as a project that has a page unique to it (not present in sibling projects) - in this case my system would think every project contains that page, and serve up useless blank pages for all projects that don't actually use this particular template. I also decided it needs categories as another level of organization - not yet implemented.

Real life caught up with me more just about when I was creating templates to put up the live site, and I haven't touched it since then.

I dropped Joomla entirely, btw. It's too heavy and at the same time too inflexible for my needs. The editors are awful, all of them much worse than WordPress's built in wysiwyg/html editor (the latter is actually very smart in a good way and convenient).Serious functionality is missing, such as there is no support for comments under articles, until you either find a suitable free module (which may become unsupported later) or pay up. My least favorite aspect of Joomla though was how much effort it takes to add a single new article, compared to WordPress, and how little functionality is achieved after all the work is done (again compared to WordPress).

So my site is static, until I roll out my homegrown php solution, but it's WordPress all the way for the blog.

Thanks for the update.  Hopefully, you will be the pioneer for this kind of cms, just like you were with keynote for notetaking.

I just wanted to bump this thread again in case anyone had new information or discoveries.

Paul Keith:
My turn to bump. app/or anyone organizing the new DC CMS trying out the CMS listed here?


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