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Idea: A content management system that lives up to the name

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i thought it would use some kind of cache of file dates or crcs, so only rebuild files that had changed.
keep in mind that i am NOT proposing such a system for a site with daily changing content.  my hope was that it could be used on a site like donationcoder where most of the pages are static.

I was wondering if something like razorCMS might be closer in basic functionality to what you're looking for? It's a flat-file CMS.

Or alternatively ezPublish, which is a lot more complex but also much more sophisticated.


I'd like to address all the points in your opening post about a better CMS, but I have a baby sleeping in my lap and it's a little bit difficult to type.

So I just want to find out your thoughts on ModX.

I believe I could implement your ideas in a couple of hours with ModX.  The power of ModX comes from it's use of Template Variables (TV's), which give you the 'fill out a form' capability for your content.  Chunks are repeatable pieces of html code (eg. an application name, a version number, an image).  Snippets are repeatable pieces of php code, and they accept parameters.

One example on one of a community website I manage, is that each community group has it's own calender.  I have placed a TV in the template which lets the group specify their calender username.  There is also a checkbox that allows them to toggle the calender.

So by checking the box and putting in your username, you now have a calender relevant to your group.

Another example on a website I'm currently developing is a product listing much like you specified.  I have a form that lets you edit each product, it has a name, description, price etc.  I then have a snippet in my product listing template that retrieves these details, the snippet calls on a chunk of html for it's template.

So if even want to change the look and feel of the product listing, all I need to do is edit 1 piece of html.

So there should be two ways of linking. One, by the database ID of an article.
--- End quote ---
ModX does this.

I stumbled across ModX about a year ago when we were researching a CMS to use for GraniteNet, and the more I use ModX the more I like it.  I now have 3 projects in the pipeline all based on ModX. 

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

I'm not a dev so I can't vouch for it, but don't forget NSIS - the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System:
Open source.

- Oshyan

I'm not a dev so I can't vouch for it, but don't forget NSIS - the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System:
Open source.
-JavaJones (October 08, 2009, 01:47 PM)
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The description says it's a "tool for the development of Windows installers", so not quite the thing for running a website :) Its job is to package a number of files into a single "setup.exe" which people will download to install software.


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