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Public Service Announcement: AIMP2 is Evilware


This morning I thought I'd check out AIMP2 to see if it had the right stuff to become the mp3 player on my system. Surfing over to showed that v2.60 RC 1 is the latest version which I promptly downloaded from their server and installed.

Everything was going great & I thought I might have a winner until about 10 minutes into my tests AIMP2 was sitting idle & my firewall program informed me AIMP2 was trying to make a connection to Odd, I thought, as I denied the connection request. As I sat and mulled this over AIMP2 tried to contact that web site again no less than three times every time on a different port. Very odd indeed.

Hitting up Google revealed that there's only one purpose for's existence and that is to spread the 007guard adware program. It's an evil little program that monitors all of your internet traffic and redirects all internet searches.

EDIT: AIMP2 v2.51 does not seem to have this behavior and seems to be clean thus far.

When did AIMP2 cross over to the dark side? I guess the author got tired of not being compensated for his work. I suggest anyone who has installed this lately check to see if they are infected.

Yesterday AIMP2 v2.60 Build 505 RC1 was released and it still tried to contact Stay away.

I am sorry but I can't replicate this behavior.
Anyone else?!

LE: here is somebody saying a toolbar is installed along with Aimp.
I now realize I never install AIMP. I just use UniversalExtractor. I did notice however a file called "YandexPackSetup.msi" is extracted, a file that I always delete. Maybe you installed silently and this toolbar or whatever it is was installed without your knowledge?


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