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Good news for any InfoSelect users

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Hmm. What odd goings-on on that Yahoo! Info Select User Group!-IainB (September 27, 2009, 01:16 AM)
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Very odd; I'm out of the game. It's too weird.

After Sarah's prompting, I made an enquiring post about "Why is Jim Lewis now paying attention to the group" (or words to that effect), and it seems to have been deleted after I (successfully) posted it. It wasn't a negative post either...-IainB (September 27, 2009, 01:16 AM)
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 :o I see (or rather, don't see) your removed post. I can't believe they deleted that!
Why don't they just say that it's not up for discussion? Very strange.
Perhaps you should have posted it in the form of a defensive and paranoid inquiry; it would have certainly fit in, and at least you would have probably received an actual response.  :P

It's gotten out of hand over there, IMO.
I'm just going to briefly scan the posts as they hit my inbox, only so I don't miss any worthwhile notices.
When I have time, I'll make filters so I don't get any posts unless they're from miclog and a couple of other users.
It's too bad, that forum used to be very interesting  :( and I really enjoyed helping other users, when I could.

Follow-up: Oops. I think it was (my) user error. I had not been a proper member of the Yahoo! InfoSelect User Group, it seems. Now I am a member for sure and have made the post again. I saw it come up on the discussion board.

Looking at some of the posts there, I suspect that one of the reasons Jim Lewis of Miclog fame has taken over as owner/mediator might be to control the slagging off (bad-mouthing) of the IS product and Miclog.  :-\

I hope it doesn't go all 1984 though.

I bought IS5 for $99 & now the upgrades are far more expensive than that.  Stay away from InfoSelect - it's unconscionably expensive!  There's so many great reasonably priced alternatives out there.  OneNote for one is fantastic and costs less than $100. 

Stay away from InfoSelect --colorpath (September 27, 2009, 08:51 PM)
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I started this thread to neither praise nor bash InfoSelect as a program. The opinions you see here about the program are more like side notes. Really, I just wanted to tell the (2 or 3) other users here (and anyone who comes across the thread) about the recent, unexpected communication between the developer and his users. After many years  of silence, this was big news for InfoSelect and Tornado Notes users. You can read about it on the Y! InfoSelect user group.

I understand that there are people with some negative, often spirited opinions about InfoSelect, but that's not what this thread is about.
There is another Y! group you can join if you'd like to express any negative opinions about InfoSelect. This group was created just for this purpose, so by all means, feel free to check it out.

Thanks.  :)


Sarah, I'm rapidly becoming a big fan of yours. :)


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