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antivirus and web defense

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I too am lucky to have a lifetime key for Outpost Security Suite Pro,
and I think it is the best deal I have ever made.
Be lucky and get a key yourself:

Steven Avery:
Great lead.  It does seem that Outpost has given a great opportunity here. Webroot's deal is very fine, and I like their behaviour, but a year goes quickly. I'll download Outpost, the whole suite, on at least one puter, and make sure I like the interface and actions today.

Malewarebytes still seems to be a great program more for static scanning and cleanup.  Still, I might consider a lifetime Pro liscense when one arises (do I own one? I'll have to check) for my main puter. They are designed in a sense to be auxiliary, I'm not sure if their real-time addition is worth the effort. However, from the theory of layered protection, it does make sense.

WinPatrol I agree should be part of any security setup, inexpensive and strong.  There are other good startup programs, some prettier, and I usually have one more loaded, but WinPatrol has the security angle the strongest.

Thanks for the lead!  Now to decide on the Outpost download.  I always dislike removing or disabling any existing security and Online Armor and Avira and Webroot and various other tools are on some of the five main puters.  (One at work, one laptop, 4 at home, but one is mostly a Linux play-puter with dual boot.)  I am still tempted to keep Webroot on something, the problem is that I would probably end up with the "5" units 1 year, which is an extra $30 that is only for one year.

btw, knowing that I avoid Bitdefender because of how they handle the bait-and-switch with recurring charges, is there anybody else in this super-economy yet very solid defense mode?  ie. 2-3 years 3 puters for $75 or less?  Or, better yet, a lifetime under $100.  (More than Outpost, but still quite affordable.)

See, I knew this was the right place to ask!

Oh, there is still dedicated HIPS to consider.  AppGuard seems to be well liked on Wilders.  A spot of $ though.  Voodooshield is another.  I could see adding a real solid HIPS program. (Allowing that there is some degree in all the good suites.)

btw, rootkit protection I am a little skeptical, as the really good rootkit detectors can themselves put in too many OS hooks at a low-level for my comfort.  It seems that is more a factor if you have not done the basic protection.

Steven Avery

Oh, there is still dedicated HIPS to consider.  AppGuard seems to be well liked on Wilders.  A spot of $ though.  Voodooshield is another.  I could see adding a real solid HIPS program. (Allowing that there is some degree in all the good suites.)
-Steven Avery (December 19, 2014, 09:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

FYI, Outpost Firewall PRO includes HIPS.  I don't know how solid it is.


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