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Complaint: Softwrap (nasty eula)

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I hope this is informative.
-Softwrap (September 27, 2009, 06:20 AM)
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It was also a breath of fresh air.

I think both of your posts were.

And although many folks here will continue to disagree with your company's DRM policy and EULA terms, I think we can all respect its concerns, and appreciate your candor in explaining why your company's policies are the way they are.

Agreeing to disagree is the highest form of respect. 8)

There are rare occasions where this may still happen to users due to some strange system software or hardware setup but we then do our best to fix the issue for them or refund their purchase so they do not lose money for nothing. We are not trying to steal money from people.-Softwrap (September 27, 2009, 06:20 AM)
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Those remarks I made were in regard to DRM in general. I didn't mean to imply that those problems occurred when encountering SoftWrap. My experiences with your protection scheme are several years old, but I recall when I used something that was 'softwrapped' around 2004-2005 (or earlier!) the SoftWrap routines were only in the installer. Once the program was installed SoftWrap's job was done and wasn't present anywhere on the user's system, i.e. it was totally self-contained in the program installer.

I haven't had any recent encounters with your product so I don't know how much of that has changed.

Thanks for your comments 40hz.

Innuendo - actually it's the software exe and not the installer that is secured but it's not important.

I appreciate the open discussion with you all.


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