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Help us to prepare a master list of all plugins - plugin writers read in please


DC member paarkhi has very generously volunteered to work on making finding and downloading plugins a better experience. yay!

Ideas are still developing but I think basically we are talking about:

* 1. insuring that each plugin thread is somewhat consistent in structure (ie version info, download link)
* 2. creating pages in the farr wiki ( ) with quick links to every plugin
* 3. making a big zip file with every plugin and keeping it updated.
In addition to my recent call for all plugin writers to make sure their plugins work with the most recent FARR (and update them if not), can I ask all plugin writers to find the thread in the FARR plugins subforum that has their plugin download information and make sure that the first post of your plugin's thread includes:

* 1. A concise description of your plugin
* 2. Version information
* 3. A screenshot
* 4. A link to the download zip or offsite download page for the plugin
* 5. Make sure that the FIRST POST of the thread is always modified to have this info, and should always have a link to and info about the latest version
You might also post a new reply on your original plugin thread saying that the plugin is tested to work with the latest FARR as of the current date.

That will help paarkhi a lot I think.  :up:

Thanks paarkhi for volunteering! :up:

Mouser, do you mean reply on this thread or on the respective plugin's thread?

No, Not on this thread, it is on the respective plugin's thread...

2paarkhi: :Thmbsup:


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