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How to migrate Palm T3 to Vista?


I'm migrating from my old Win98SE laptop to a Vista Home Premium one.  I also have a Palm T3 (T/3, T|3) which I've used with my old Win98SE laptop.  Unfortunately
the Palm desktop that comes with the T3 (4.something) doesn't work on Vista.  I downloaded the 6.something desktop that comes with the TX and late model Zire, which does work on Vista, but despite HotSynch saying it had synched correctly, nothing showed in the desktop.  Maybe I missed something, of course.  Palm's Web site is useless, "no free support for (your old model)."

Does anyone know, please, how I could migrate the T3 from Win98SE to Vista?


I wonder if you could use Compatibility mode to run Palm Desktop.
This screenshot is from Windows 7 so it may look a lil' different on Vista.

Another idea is to use a virtual machine to run the software which sounds very inconvenient to me, but I bet it would work.

Hmmm, that's two interesting thoughts, Hirudin.  I could try the first one without much trouble.  Thanks!   :)

In case Hirudin's suggestion doesn't do the trick, you might try the Brighthand forums.  There's one specifically for the Tungsten T series, including the T3.  I have no experience with that forum, but I've found the TX forum there invaluable.  I think the URL is, but if that doesn't work, back up to Palm --> Older Palm Units --> and find the Tungsten T series.

Good luck!


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