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new forum feature coded - ability to inline link attachments!

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i have just finished some modifications to the forum software to allow inline insertion of attachments (images,etc.).  This should help a lot in posts where the text refers to images a lot and you used to have all the attached images just shown at the footer of the post.

All of the images you see here are ATTACHMENTS to this post, not hosted on other sites :)

The new feature supports a bunch of different tags that let you control how images are displayed:

--- ---[attach=1][/attach] says insert normal attachment #specified there
(ie will be url link if non image, or default img or thumbnail based on server settings).
for example, [attach=1][/attach] shows attachment #1 image here:

--- ---[attachtimg=#] says insert full image even if server is set to
 show thumbnails by default.  Here is attachment #2 image forced to full size here, [attachimg=2][/attachimg]:

--- ---[attachturl=#] says insert url link even if the attachment is an image
(useful if you want to attach images as simple url download links but not show
them as pictures anywhere in post).  For example here is [attachurl=1][/attachurl]:
RoxiFelix.jpg (61.16 kB. 499x463 - viewed 6265 times.)

--- ---[attachthumb=2][/attachthumb] says to insert a thumbnail of the image, EVEN if thumbnailing
 is off by default on server (like it is here).  For example here is [attachthumb=1][/attachthumb]:
Here : new forum feature coded - ability to inline link attachments!


* You will now find a new combo box on the Post page that says "Link Inline Image.." which will insert common codes for showing attached inline images in different styles.
* All attachments which are inlined are automatically excluded from listing down at bottom footer
* All attachments which are not inlined are shown at footer as per normal (see below for attachment 3 which was never inlined above so is shown in footer as normal).

a fantastic improvement.

Carol Haynes:
Looks great - a really useful mod. Are you going to package it as a mod for SMF forums or keep it to this board?

all mods we make for this forum are intended to be shared with the smf community - it's the least we can do as appreciation to the great work the smf people have done.

in fact i've set up a special page for all of our smf modifications:

i have to update that page but also find an smf pro who can make nice proper "packages" out of my modifications since i'm not too good at that.

i've also added a new "drop down box" to the post editor (upper left and colors) that will insert [ Invalid Attachment ] tags for you so you don't have to remember the syntax.


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