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Instant Boss: trouble on Wine with Ubuntu Jaunty

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I haven't been on DC in forever, so I hope I haven't put this in the wrong place.

I switched to Ubuntu more-or-less full time almost 2 years ago, and so far most things have been fine.  However, I upgraded to Jaunty a little while ago, and a few things have been giving me trouble.

Instant Boss in particular doesn't seem to run quite right in Wine now.  The biggest problem is that minimizing and then restoring the main window doesn't quite work--the "frame" comes back, but the interior isn't redrawn--it just shows a bit of whatever window was underneath it when it was restored.

Has anyone had similar problems with Wine?  I'm sure there is a better place to ask, but I thought I'd come to where I know people use the program first.

By the way, I'm using the 64 bit version of Ubuntu, if that makes any difference.  There is also some kind of bug with general screen redrawing and the Nvidia driver, which I haven't managed to fix yet. It could be all related, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

I just tried it under 9.04 i386 (i suppose that's "jaunty", not sure as I think naming every 6-month release with a new name is just idiotic, but I digress) and it's working quite well.

It may be related to your version of wine. Mine is 1.0.1. I also haven't observed any of the strangeness you mentioned with nvidia.

[edit] not sure if it helps, but I'm also running wine-doors (which apparently doesn't display its version anywhere). I'm running version 180.44 of nvidia drivers. [/edit]

Oh, I was going to move this topic to somewhere related to app's apps and noticed there's no such section..
Where do you support your applications, app?

Anywhere and everywhere. I was never given a section on the forum for my apps so I just answer questions wherever they pop up.

As far as being to help with this issue, I don't think I can. Since I don't have a machine with any version of Linux I can't even begin to support it on that OS.

At some point in the future when I have a PC running some flavor of Linux, and I am past the whole "n00b" phase, I'll consider writing a version to run native on that OS with no need for WINE.

Until then, you are basically on your own.

I was never given a section on the forum for my apps
--- End quote ---

do you want one?


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