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Jan/Feb Poll - What Area Should Focus on Most in 2006?

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writing a review of address book programs would be a good way to discover the best and lay out a blueprint of what you think the best such tool should look like, missing features, etc.  it would be a service to users and might help get those features implemented.  having such a comprehensive review would be a good first step before a programmer here embarked on writing a new address book app.
-mouser (January 07, 2006, 09:23 AM)
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OK, that's a good idea.  Someone here already did a pretty good review on A-book, which is one of the best out there.  I'll try to do a personal mini shootout of addressbook programs and conclude with the features that I feel are ideal for a great addressbook.  (as a sidenote, combining features from Screenshot Captor and FindandRun Robot would be a good foundation for an addressbook program...I'll explain later in an appropriate thread).

Hi everyone...How about
1)A section on new comers Introducing themselves and getting to know other members.
2) A section of Beta programs to be Beta tested where Beta testers can give their views and reviews, report bugs ect to assist developers perfecting software....

as for #1:
here's the get to know each other thread, i'm making it sticky now:

as for #2:
i think this is an interesting idea.. maybe we can make a child board under "general software discussion" for betatesting..

That would be great...

Well I am a nubbie to blogs/posts/whatever it is called.  I would also like to see new programs built from the ground up.


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