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Jan/Feb Poll - What Area Should Focus on Most in 2006?

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If you had to pick one area that you would like to see us focus more on for 2006, what would it be?
And please do post a reply to the this message telling us in more detail about your desires for the site in 2006, and any new features you'd like to see.

In 2006, I'd like to see
- more improvements of existing programs (I'm totally satisfied right now!)
- more Coding Snacks
- more discounts
- more nice discussions in the forum
- more nice discussions in the IRC channel (read my signature)
- more forum users
- more DC account users ( )
- more users getting involved with great programs like and

I agree with BrotherS' first statement: more improvements to existing DC programs.... not saying you're slacking mouser!  I understand you've got lots of things going on.  But, you asked!


i added that as an option in the poll, anticipating such votes.
and yes i hear you guys - 10 half finished programs are not as good as 1 finished one.

While my selfish ways will say that I want more free software and discounts, I really feel that that is not what makes this place as valuable as the other more important things.  The two things that I love here are the great reviews of software categories, and the custom software coming out of here.

By the way, I still feel like the computer world is ready for a robust addressbook software, like I mentioned in my other post.  (hint, hint).


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