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Jan/Feb Poll - What Area Should Focus on Most in 2006?

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I rather like it as is.  First site I've actually donated to because I like your format, contents and diverse opinions.

Perry Mowbray:
This was an almost impossible question! But what makes this site great (also one of the very few I've donated to) is the vibrant focus on Software in general. So this includes (almost in order):

* Software Reviews/Discussions
* Software Development
* Software giveaways (probably last on my list, but a great option to have to generate new clients)
I'd also like to mention Quality: This site is full of it!


More of everything would be very nice!!  :-*

Hi nigelfraser, your avatar is really cool! (and I'm saying that although I usually don't like animated avatars) :)

It's a shame you only post 0.025 posts per day!

I think newer programs I have many ideas just no coder to code them. (hint! HINT! hint! )
The newer programs draw people in.


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