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Jan/Feb Poll - What Area Should Focus on Most in 2006?

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More Reviews.

So I can tell people to "go to, they've got reviews so you will know what to pick"

Well...EVERYTHING of course  :)

I like the newsletter and it's layout.......wouldn't mind seeing more "stuff" in it

*more* stuff in the newsletter!??!
..[mouser faints].

1. Updates (NB FARR/MR)
2. Reviews


I'd like to see software that is "out of the box."  There are ten decent email programs and an equal number in conventional categories.  How about looking for items that either combine functionality in a novel way or are a truely new approach to various computing tasks.  It goes without saying that any program should have an interface so obvious that one can use it immediately even if the more powerful functionality is a level down which should be explain in crystal clear terms. 

Some programs have documentation that is so abstruse or convoluted one needs a help file to understand the help file.



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