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Will Win7 last as long as XP?

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Carol Haynes:
I would check out Windows 7 graphics card drivers in November and December - I'd guess your problem will be fixed if it hasn't in the RTM build. I had a few issues with the Beta and RC versions an the onboard graphics on one of my systems (it caused endless rebooting during installation unless you used VGA to install instead of DVI and then installed an older Vista driver before reconnecting DVI). This has been fixed in the final release version and it now installs fine.

The only minor frustration I am having with Windows 7 is that third party drivers from many manufacturers are scheduled for release after Windows 7. It isn't actually causing a problem because it installed fine and Vista drivers seem to work for those devices that didn't install automatically with Windows. Given the lead time for developers you would have thought Windows 7 drivers would have been emerging (at least in beta and RC form) from device manufacturers for some time now.

Drivers have flowed quite easily for most of my hardware. The only company dragging their feet in my case is Creative, but that's nothing new. They must only hire programmers who have successfully finished reading Visual Basic for Dummies. Fortunately, someone's modded the Vista drivers to work perfectly with Win 7.

My ATI card is fine (even though I have an older card that has to use the legacy drivers. Bah!) and my Intel NIC is a dream. The Intel Win 7 drivers are giving me better performance than I got under Vista. Probably due to all that auto-adjusting networking stuff that never was quite right in Vista.

Windows 7 is coming and it's just a little over a month away. Companies really don't have any excuse not to either have their drivers released or near release. Windows 7's driver model is not that much different than Vista's so there's not the excuse available there was when people were transitioning from XP to Vista.

As little Kylie says in the new Windows 7 commercial: I'm a PC and more happy is coming.

Windows 7 is snappy and 'reponisive'.


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