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Remove duplicate files, folders and archives - DupeTrasher 2009

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Wow - my first observation is that DupeTrasher is very quick and visually stunning. It just went through 82GB of files in about 2.5 minutes and found 2GB of redundant files. The layout, viewing options (detailed, compact, groups, and folder), and colour scheme mean that it's quite easy to setup and use and to review the files/folders that are found. Overall, it's much easier to setup and use and it is quicker than DoubleKiller Pro (for which I have a license). I'll keep playing with it - for the amount that I use a duplicate finder, this would be very handy - its ease of use versus DoubleKiller Pro would be a time saver  :Thmbsup:

These, of course, are my initial impressions.

Huh I can't believe I missed those typos... I guess sometimes developers are occupied too much with looking for functional bugs rather than grammatical  :huh: Thanks for that!

Since you liked it and you also found this typos please send me a private message, include your full name and your email address, as I'd like to give you a free license for this.

Thanks again!

Thank you, AsmDev  :Thmbsup: PM sent  :)

Indeed, thanks for the license AsmDev :Thmbsup:

Really useful software.

I am just starting to try DupeThrasher.   
My first impression is however: Woaaaaa, what a beautiful user interface.
Congratulations !!!    (Are there any competitions for aesthetically designed UIs?)

(.... other programs published these days get already the name "2010".  2009 sounds almost outdated    :) )


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