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Remove duplicate files, folders and archives - DupeTrasher 2009

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Has the 40% discount ended? It's still 27th Sept in my location.
As soon as I add the coupon, price drops back to full purchase price.
The 30% from the main page appears to be working though.

Well, it appears so
Adding the coupon DT2009-DC2W results in..
! The coupon code you entered is invalid. If you have questions about this, please contact the publisher.
--- End quote ---

Like NigelH I just got the same reply.
It is 6:27 pm Pacific Standard Time on Sept 27th here.

DupeTrasher's Website:

Note for DonationCoder users: You can get DupeTrasher 2009 with the discount of 40% if you enter coupon code DT2009-DC2W on the order page.
This is time limited discount, available for the first two weeks (until 28. September 2009.) from the release of DupeTrasher 2009.

--- End quote ---

Just today received DonationCoder newsletter announcing DupeTrasher, and after reading reviews and watching the video opted to purchase. While filling out the order form, I entered the code above, and I get a msg that "code is invalid". The memo above states the code is valid thru 28-Sept, which is today.   Any suggestions??-AsmDev (September 12, 2009, 06:21 AM)
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Hi guys,

I've just extended the end date for this 40% discount coupon as mouser and I agreed previously for this newsletter.
Here is the order link with the coupon code embedded so that you don't have to hustle with manual typing:[300333594]=1&COUPON1=DT2009-DC2W

(you will have to copy/paste it to web browser since this forum's link tag can't seem to handle this link correctly, probably because of the brackets in it... mouser, you might wanna check this out in your forum code)

Please excuse for this issue, I thought that DonationCoder newsletter will be released on October 1st and wasn't expecting it a few days earlier. Also, it appears that e-commerce server is located in Europe so 27th Sept. was adjusted to that time zone.

Thank you all for your support!

I've just extended the end date for this 40% discount coupon as mouser and I agreed previously for this newsletter. -AsmDev (September 28, 2009, 10:35 AM)
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AsmDev ~
Thank you for your quick response to this discount code, and for extending it. However, I just decided to go ahead and purchase it at 30% off, just in case you didn't see these messages. It's only $2.50 difference.

But, I just installed it, and am rather disappointed. I assumed (not a good thing to do!) that it would recognize all my drives; yet, it only recognizes hard-wired devices. I wanted to try and clean up my back-up external drive (W:) because I know there's tons of duplicates on there and is pretty much max'd out, space-wise.

Any plans to expand this to recognize network drives, or external hard drives??

It sure did find the dups on my hard-drive in no time flat. Will have to spend time learning how best to use all this program's functionality.



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