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Remove duplicate files, folders and archives - DupeTrasher 2009

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DupeTrasher is an application that finds and removes duplicate files and folders from your computer. In addition, DupeTrasher can also look inside archives and find locations where they have been extracted.

All these features, packed in a user-friendly interface, make the whole process of removing duplicates: easy, fast and safe.

--- End quote ---

DupeTrasher's Website:

Note for DonationCoder users: You can get DupeTrasher 2009 with the discount of 40% if you enter coupon code DT2009-DC2W on the order page.
This is time limited discount, available for the first two weeks (until 28. September 2009.) from the release of DupeTrasher 2009. This is my gift for this wonderful community, and in the next month I will provide some free licenses in accordance with mouser.

Best regards!

Hi AsmDev,

Congratulations on getting DupeTrasher "out the door" and thank you for the discount. I'm off to check it out now  8)

Hi Darwin,

What are your impressions, did you find it useful? I'd love to hear some feedback.


Hi AsmDev,

 :-[ I downloaded the installer and never got around to installing it. Doing so now - will play with it (I have a few "runs" that need to be done, anyway) and post back here.

Heh, heh - just found a typo in the start up screen - when you mouse over the optical drive icon "already" is spelled "alrady"! There are also a couple of grammatical errors - mousing over the "One click search" button (first icon to the left), the title reads: "Once click search". The "Find duplicates inside archives" has this in the last line: "once in an archive and other time" where "other" should read "another".

Also, the Welcome page reads:

Easy by asking just the minimum possible effort on the user's behalf

--- End quote ---
I'm not entirely sure what was intended here, perhaps

Easy by requiring the minimum possible effort on the user's part
--- End quote ---

Right. Now to find some duplicate files!

EDIT: Formatting


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