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How To Type Symbols and more

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I also use a cheat sheet. I pin it to my start menu. It doesn't have everything, but it's covered me so far.

... I've written a program to rule the world.
What's more, it runs with just two key strokes!
Unfortunately, by some oversight, the first one disables the keyboard.

-cranioscopical (September 14, 2009, 10:43 PM)
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 ;D   :up:

Let's not forget Eric's free EUP:

- though some people have reported it wouldn't work as expected, while others are saying it gives no problems.

I can't write a script! But if I was forced to learn how, do you think ahk would be a suitable (easy) place to start?
-SKesselman (September 14, 2009, 07:31 PM)
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Yes you can, it's just a text file :)

If you look at my examples above, and you already know what they do, you can probably figure out how to add your own expansions. They look a bit weird, because the syntax of AHK scripts is weird, but it is also quite poweful, and can do much more than substituting text. Start with the help file and examples therein, and you can always ask questions here. (There is also a support forum on the AHK website.

AHK is not the easiest scripting language to work with. If your purpose was just to learn scripting in general, you might be better off with something like JavaScript. However, AHK is a direct solution to your need for entering special characters, while JavaScript won't help there. The documentation that comes with AHK is really good, probably much more informative and detailed than in average free software (including anything I've ever written :) )

I use the FARR plugin - Character Table!


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