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How To Type Symbols and more

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I've been playing around with AX and the best thing about it is that you can create a custom set of changes that make the program do exactly what you want. By default it works in a single language of your choice, but with a custom set you can cover multiple languages. My set currently looks like this:

Custom=aàáâäåa AÀÁÂÄÅA BßB cçc CÇC eéèêëe EÉÊÈËE iîïíìi IÎÏÍÌI nñn oôöòo OÔÖÒO uûùúüu UÛÙÜU ?¿?
-johnk (January 25, 2011, 10:10 AM)
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John, how did you create this custom set?  Could you provide a "Making a Custom Set for Dummies" set of instructions?  I ask because I tried to follow the instructions to add Spanish, but doing that wiped out French.  So then I added French after Spanish, and it now does recognize some French letters that aren't in Spanish, such as ç, but it failed to recognize the vast array of accented e's in French.  So then I put French before Spanish, but it now fails to produce the á that I need for Spanish.  So clearly what I need is a custom set, but I don't have a clue how to make that.

Thanks in advance.

Happy to oblige. Open the config file AX.cfg in the program folder. The relevant section of the file looks like this:

(; -------------------------------------------------------------------
; -------------------------------------------------------------------
; This is a library of possible cycles
; <Set_name>=<character cycles>
; • Each cycle MUST finish with the start character
; • If you add sets you think might be useful to others
;   feel free to email [email protected]
; -------------------------------------------------------------------
Catalan=aàa AÀA cçc CÇC eéèe EÉÈE iíi IÍI oóòo OÓÒO uúüu UÚÜU
Danish=aåæa AÅÆA oøo OØO
Estonian=aäa AÄA oöõo OÖÕO sšs SŠS uüu UÜU zžz ZŽZ
Finnish=aäa AÄA oöo OÖO uüu UÜU
French=aàâäa AÀÂÄA cçc CÇC eéèêëe EÉÊÈËE iîïi IÎÏI oôo OÔO uûùüu UÛÙÜU
French1=aàâäæa AÀÂÄÆA cçc CÇC eéèêëe EÉÊÈËE iîïi IÎÏI oôöœo OÔÖŒO uûùüu UÛÙÜU
German=BßB aäa AÄA eée EÉE oöo OÖO uüu UÜU
Icelandic=aáåæa AÁÅÆA dðd DÐD iíi IÍI oóöo OÓÖO pþp PÞP uúµu UÚU yýy YÝY
Italian=aáa AÁA eéèe EÉÈE iíìi IÍÌI oòo OÒO uùu UÙU
Portuguese=aáâàãa AÁÂÀÃA cçc CÇC eéêe EÉÊE iíi IÍI oóôõo OÓÔÕO uúu UÚU
Russian=a??a A??A b?b B?B G?G g?g D?D d?d E???E e???e F?F f?f I???I i???i K??K k??k L?L l?l M?M m?m N?N n?n O?O o?o P?P p?p R?R r?r S???S s???s T??T t??t V?V v?v U??U u??u Z??Z z??z C?C c?c Y??Y y??y
Spanish=aáa AÁA eée EÉE ií¡i IÍI oóo OÓO uúüu UÚÜU ?¿? nñn NÑN
Swedish=aåäa AÅÄA oöo OÖO
Turkish=aâa AÂA cçc CÇC ggg GGG iiîi IIÎI oöo OÖO sss SSS uüûu UÜÛU
Math=2²2 3³3 o°o /÷/ +±+ *×* uµu
Symbol=£€£ $¢$ c©c .•…. <«< >»>
Custom=aàáâäåa AÀÁÂÄÅA BßB cçc CÇC eéèêëe EÉÊÈËE iîïíìi IÎÏÍÌI nñn oôöòo OÔÖÒO uûùúüu UÛÙÜU ?¿?
; -------------------------------------------------------------------
; -------------------------------------------------------------------
; Provide a list of set names seperated by commas
; • Order may be important.  Early cycles will mask later ones
; • See AX_ReadMe.txt for how to override this using a shortcut
; -------------------------------------------------------------------

In the top section (CHARACTER CYCLE SETS) you add a line with your custom set, placing each character set in the order through which you want them to cycle. NB: you must end each character cycle with the original character, e.g. the "a" cycle must begin and end with the plain "a" character.

Then in the next section (DEFAULT SETS), you change the entry "SETSen" or "SETSfr" or "SETSde" to reflect your custom set, as I have done in the example. Which you change depends on whether you originally installed it as using the English, French or German set. If you can't remember I guess just change all three! Any more questions, just ask.

John, thanks VERY much, muchísimas gracias, merci beaucoup, Vielen Dank!   :Thmbsup:

John, thanks VERY much, muchísimas gracias, merci beaucoup, Vielen Dank!   :Thmbsup:
-cyberdiva (January 25, 2011, 05:31 PM)
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Ná habair é


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