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Graphic Design question: Services and prices?

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sounds like really helpful advice from 40hz.  :up:
let us know how it turns out superboy!

40hz, thanks so much for the information above.  I truly appreciate it.

We definitely won't be able to afford anywhere near $300 per illustration.  We were hoping for and can't go too much higher than $20-50 per illustration.  If price is an issue, we will have to sacrifice quality first and foremost.  I realize that the illustrations I have shown as examples are very ideal, I don't really expect anywhere near that quality.  Those illustrations are done by a relatively well-known and experienced pro (aren't they great?!).  I mean, he goes around the world and gives talks and seminars about art.  But it gives an idea of what we are shooting for.

As for the legal stuff, thanks for that.  It's something we are aware of, but obviously don't know the details of.

Also, I appreciate your optimism, but cmon!  I would welcome a situation where the book became so popular that movies and video games were being made and royalty issues came up.  Ha ha, that's not really a bad thing.  But I get your point.

Just another thought:

Don't rule out manipulated photographs. You can do amazing things with a group of image files, Adobe Photoshop, and some creativity. Done correctly, they can be hard to distinguish from "hand drawn" digital art.

Here's a quick & dirty example. Let's say I need a character something like Angelina Joli's character in Sky Captain. But I plan to make my character much more 3-dimensional so a woman in a leather flight suit just isn't going to cut it. I envision her as a study in contrasts, and somewhat of an enigma to her fellow officers. I want a military physique, and an intriguing face. Calm and gentle, but with a bit of spark obviously lurking just below the surface. I want a look that almost contradicts the fact she's a highly qualified and capable field commander.


Start w/pretty athletic woman. Fitness model type for the military physique:

Do some paint overs, color adjustments, and drop in a background... and voila!

May I introduce my new character: Alliance Fleet Strike Commander Deborah Jorr, caught in a rare off duty moment aboard her ship the SVN Donneybrook.

Not the greatest, I'll admit. But I cranked it out in about ten minutes as a proof of concept. A real artist could do it 100 times better.

Something to think about.

P.S. be sure you only use your own photos (or images you have a legal right to use) when you do this. :tellme:

Yeah, I'm definitely considering that also.

OK, third option...
It seems like I may try doing these illustrations myself.  I used to draw quite a bit when i was younger, and they were pretty good.  But it's not something that i felt came easily to me.  However, it may be the only affordable way to do it for now.  And it gives my friend and I a chance to collaborate with no headaches.  I'm going to explore the world of Photoshop for a while and see if I can use technology to assist me with the task, especially for repetitive tasks like shading or drawing grass, fixing mistakes, etc.


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