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IDEA: Toggle Switch with a Global Hotkey to change Power schemes?

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skwire, I would love to but the window only stays open for a few milliseconds and I can't find an output file anywhere. Brian
-briandr67 (September 28, 2009, 07:16 AM)
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Click Start, Run, type: cmd (and click OK).  A command prompt will pop up.  Please run the command in there and paste the output here.  Thanks.

Thanx skwire. Here's the output. Brian

Hmmmm...that seems to be the same as the Vista VM i test on (not that I expected any different).  Two things, please:

1) Do the entries in the PST's drop-downs correspond to the GUIDs you see in that output?
2) Please run the following from the Run box:  powercfg /list > c:\output.txt

Attach the output.txt file to your post.  Thanks.

skwire, I keep getting the message "Access Is Denied". Brian

You're getting that message where and when?


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