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IDEA:Enter .txts in excel but appear name of the folder they come from


Hey people

I have a pretty hard question for me...maybe someone of you could help.

I have a huge folder,with some other folders in it.Wich folders contain some other folders who contain the .txts

I know i confused you.If someone though wants to help i can send you the attachment by email,since i can't upload it here.

So what i need is to enter the .txts in excel (they all will be in one workbook),but i need to contain in one line the 1st name of the folder that they come from,then the 2nd name of the folder they come from.Then what contains the .txt.

Here is an example of the archives
I have the .txts in the folders and the an example of an imported .txt.
But only one...don't know how to import another in one sheet

Guess this is the hard thing i have ever had to do.Wish some of you can help

I understand this is a very hard question that's why i am trying to get as much help as i can.
That includes other forums too,here are the links:
Link 1
Link 2

Please question me if you don't understand something

If anyone has another idea,besides excel,i'd really like to hear.

Thanks in advance

When you say ".txts" do you mean text files, all with a file extension of .txts (or .txt?)?

Sounds like you want all the text files vertically in one sheet, each block of text (one per file) below the preceding one.

And you want two additional cells, one with the name of the containing folder and the other with the parent folder of the containing folder.  Do these cells have to be in the same column as the blocks of text?  Can they be in column A and column B with the text in column C?  Are all the text files at the same level in the directory hierarchy (is each file two levels down from the "hugh folder"? 

I assume the text will be imported with each line of text being in a cell, with the following line of text in the cell below, so all the text is in one column.

Draw us a better picture.  For example, show us the directory structure of 3 sample text files, with a sample of what's in the text file (a few lines).  And then show us a shot of a little dummy spreadsheet with your 3 files entered and displayed, with folder names.

How many text files are you talking about anyway?

don't know how to import another in one sheet
--- End quote ---

Just do Data>ImportExternalData again, below the first list.


I think I understand what you want and are trying to do....  See attached, is this correct??


Let me know if that is correct....


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