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AHK Script to dock windows


I wrote a small AHK script that moves the currently active window to the space reserved by DesktopCoral. Thanks to mouser for his help in this script.

You can find it here:

The last version of Desktop Coral is required, 1.07.01 - September 6, 2009.

After running the script, just hit Ctrl+Shift+E to move the active window. The hotkey is configurable, just modify the hotkey value in onTop.ini
See this topic for more info.

Bugs reports, suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: Make sure to Desktop Coral first.

THis script isn't working for me...  Whenever I use the hotkey, it moves the window to the bottom left of my screen, mostly off the screen, rather than moving it into the right side of the screen (where my desktopcoral is).



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