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alternative to filehamster?

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AutoVer[/url] does, thanks for mentioning it.
-urlwolf (October 06, 2009, 05:22 PM)
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Oops, you are correct; AutoVer does do that...However, I think I remember seeing somewhere that it isn't being actively supported or developed anymore.  In checking their forums, they haven't had any traffic in well over a year.

-Mogware Support (October 06, 2009, 05:46 PM)
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Is FH being actively developed nowadays? I have been an ardent user in the past. The Gui never improved much really, felt clunky and non user friendly. For example  the file and folder exclusion menu is a joke to me and they have never given enough attention to improving that area. I have even complained and bugged in the  beta forums. There are other slight usage issues as well.

It is a good product (the functionality) but the Gui needs some serious regrounding.

Carol Haynes:
Updates are constantly being pushed automatically for FH and the plugins. They certainly respond positively to any issues reported.

Updates are constantly being pushed automatically for FH and the plugins. They certainly respond positively to any issues reported.
-Carol Haynes (March 06, 2010, 03:35 AM)
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a few updates already this year. I've been successfully asking for improvements to the Report window (minor bugs & also GUI)
(I was looking for a version history the other day but couldnt find an uptodate one)

I think it would be great for the programme if they improved the GUI - it is very far from user friendly. You might not need the GUI very often but when you do, well it's often a struggle to figure the thing out...

Talking generally:
GUI work seems to be the least favourite improvement made to software in general - but I always find it's top of the list for me (presuming the app basically does what you want). Maybe developers think along the lines of we need new features for an upgrade, but if the app is made more user friendly I would recommend it / plug it a lot more

The only equivalent I ever saw for FH's funtionality was a product called TrackMyFiles put out by internum GmbH. ( ). I have a client who swears by it.

I bopped over to internum's website. From the looks of it, this program isn't being actively developed since there's no mention of Windows 7 anywhere. Their FAQ specifies WinXP and Vista as the only supported OS versions so I'm also guessing server use is not in the cards.

I loaded up a copy. Looks nice. Relatively small memory footprint (10Mb). Very clean interface. Seems to work as expected, although I've only had it running for a couple of days before I wrote this.

I emailed the developers some questions and also invited them to join in on this discussion.

Hopefully we'll be hearing from them. 8)


They do respond everything well except the Gui issues. I have never seen any real improvement to the gui all those years. Everything else has been well and steadily improved to certain degree.

Tomos`s remarks also support my dissatisfaction of the Gui issues. It looks like I was not alone in the complainer`s camp


My main problem with many back up and versioning apss is the network support. Many of those apps work alright in the local machine but they seem to drop watching once in if the watch folders happen to be on a network drive or folder. I can undestand why but the thing is that this just makes it unreliable, you cannot trust the app because you never know when the watching might have been stopped. In some cases I need to open the network folder manually in explorer to force some kind of network recognition. I cannot tell what the issue is but even file explorers fall in to this trap. They cannot refresh a network drive unless explorer itself has refreshed or connected the drive or folder properly.

I have been using SyncbackSe for versioning and realtime back up and that one seemed to drop network watch once in a while. No idea


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