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alternative to filehamster?

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True, no versioning.

The way I'm dealing with it is that I use Bvckup for real-time backups of files I am working on during the day, which I want to be protected but don't need to have in dozens or hundreds of versions (I save compulsively). Then I have a daily backup using Backup4All Pro, which maintains (and recycles) versions. The primary way this could bite me is if I messed up a critical file beyond recognition and saved it, but in my work this is a negligible scenario (and it has never happened).

There's only 1 issue with the old, beta  version of Bvckup1, and that when an app takes a longer time to save a file (a multi-MB xml doc, for instance), bvckup doesn't know to wait until the save operation is done, so it fails (the file is still being written to) and gives up. I hope this has been improved in v2, but other than this, it's perfect (and perfectly transparent while it works).

For handling versioning, you have AJC Backup which is great too.

Git, Mercurial or even SVN should be used when versioning is necessary. For SVN you have TurtoiseSVN, that hooks into Windows explorer. By simply right-clicking on a file you can add/remove/update/commit (with comment) into the (project) repository. If memory serves me right it also allows you to do diffs between versions as well.

SVN is an old system, Git and Mercurial are much more modern and more actively developed. All of these systems are free.

Git, Mercurial or even SVN should be used when versioning is necessary.-Shades (December 14, 2016, 03:43 PM)
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For source control style versioning, sure.

But for backup-style versioning? Nope, nope and nope. What you need in that situation is very different from the history-from-the-beginning-of-time versioning style that source version control systems offer.



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