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Tech News Weekly: Edition 36-09

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With any luck, this kind of behavior will be enough to drive those unwilling to learn how to update their machines to do just that. Those are the kind of people most at risk from a vulnerability in an outdated version of flash...


Ehtyar: In my opinion, this shouldn't be the solution.
I continue to think that an update manager integrated in windows would make sooo much more sense.
I know I love it in linux, it's keeping me from using windows anymore, and I've always been a windows fan.

jgpaiva: it would be nice, but kinda infeasible I'm afraid.

Perhaps if developers could add their owns applications to the Microsoft Update infrastructure already there? But then who would take on the burden of managing it, especially from the point of security.

f0dder: not unfeasible for this large corporations, I think..
The same way some publishers have signed code, microsoft could also provide an update and install service.
If the ease-fullness of install of applications was as good as in linux, it would be a major selling point for these big corporations.


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