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Customize position



I'm discovering your app. It is very great. I like it !

But, I would like to customize the position. It is for me a very important point
Why ?
Because we have all our habit and we / I like to place precisely each icons, it is just primordial  ;D

If I would like to place an Excel icon beside a Word icon to make a "family", it would be a pain because everything around will be messed up :(
I would like to create "icons family" like browsers icons anywhere like this example :

Customize position

But If I move an icon, the change is fully weird in the circle :(

So if you could do a customization of all icons position, this app will be incredible :)

Thank a lot for your hard work, that's great

 :up: that's right!
needed change icons (not insert).
do it?

Welcome tbear777, to and CircleDocks little corner of the forums

I am working on an unofficial tutorial now as I write this, if there is a way to manage Icon placement I will find it.

Otherwise I agree with the palcement issue, and hopefully VIP will return soon to address these issues.

Mostal's idea is a fascinating. We should be able to customize icon as we like. There may be forming styles like circle forming, free forming, Group forming.

Grouping is already provided in the form of "Folders" but I do appreciate that that's not exactly what you want.

I guess you want "families" of icons radiating from the centre as spokes? I've had a detailed look at the code and to allow for that would require a fairly extensive rewrite. A possible side-effect would be that it could take longer to paint all the Items due to the additional math needed.



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