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IDEA: SuperDuperRoboPrinter

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Okay I found that the diaolog windows is labeled "Print Pictures"  and it seems to only pop up for files that are not Photoshop files... I was wrong in my previous post.  The options in the window are to "print" or "cancel" and the default choice is what I want anyway to print a full page image. 

Here is what it looks like..  I hope this attach button thing works...

Hi awopbamboo :Thmbsup:
I'm just after trying it out (win XP SP2)

I tried with PDF JPEG TIFF files

* PDF goes to printer nicely
* With the PDF: When I click 'Check now' the 'Finished' message shows immediately but about a second later a window shows briefly - I can only see the frame and the menubar but it's Adobe Reader and is opened in the background with no file - if Reader is already open it doesnt change (or open new instance) but shows briefly on top as described above. None of which bothers me - just reporting in case it helps any!
* Both image files were not sent to the printer at all. They opened in windows explorer ('picture & fax viewer') - both these filetypes are associated with the Directory Opus viewer so that could possibly be a Dopus [version 8] problem too. On second attempt only one file opened but otherwise no change
I can experiment later with changing file associations to see if that helps

Don't worry about chaning file associations or anything.

I have found a way to print the images straight off with no prompt or dialog.  It'll take me a little while to make the change, but I'll upload the new version soon.


I'm nearly there I think.

Ok, attached is a new version, I have not yet updated the readme so I have only attached the executable to this message.

I have fixed the issues you reported above.  And added a simple scheduler.

You are able to schedule a check in mins, hours, days or weeks.  And, there is a 'Reoccurance' flag, so you could say schedule it to run once every hour forever.  Is basic, but it does the job.

Now the printing dialog issue....  It wasn't going to be easy to try and control the print dialog that comes up.  As we wouldn't know which putting needs pressing to continue printing etc...  So, what I have done is force it to use the windows imageviewer to perform the printing IF the file is a particular image type.  This 'particular' types are known by a simple list (shown on screen) that you can add to.  if you can view the image with the viewer, it should be able to print it.  Some apps (Paint Shop Pro) for instance, seem to print psp files file without the dialog anyway, so I think there is a bit of trial and error.

Have a go of it and see if its getting close to what you wanted, also, anyone else that has a spin, I'd appreciate any feedback to and get it totally working.  I think it is getting there.


Hi again awopbamboo!  I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to reply until now.  I downloaded the new and improved SuperDuperRoboPrinter and it is really is a SuperDuperRoboPrinter now!  The scheduler is really neat.  :Thmbsup:  I am using a Vista machine from Windoze... so the Image viewer seems to have changed.  But this thing prints standard files really nicely.  It seem to like files that have been hijacked by specific programs like Photoshop psd files.  I haven't tried any document files yet.  I'll test it some more soon. For now this thing is really doing great! I'll comment back when I've tested a few more things than just printing jpegs and bmps. 

I have some free icons you might like for this little proggy.  I got them on free sites from the intwernet.  :)  I've attached them as a zip file. 


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