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IDEA: SuperDuperRoboPrinter

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Hello This is my very first post.  I hope my idea isn't too lame...  What about a proggy (definition of a proggy: Ancient English for program...maybe it was easier to say program after all....  :-\ )  that can scan a "C:\Print_Jobs" folder for any files that are put into it and then print them out using the default printer and maybe the default program for that file type... if practical...

...hmmm maybe not for all file types.. that would be impossible.. how about just for jpeg, bmp, tiff, txt, rtf, doc, and other simple files like that.  I think a program like that would be super cool. 

...and while we're at it, how about adding the ability to schedule the run time so that you can collect all of your files in nice big batches and then print them all at the end of the day or the end of the week in a big lump.

...and since this is a dream anyway, how about adding the ability to shred the files after they are printed so you can keep your Print_Job folder Nice and tidy.

...what the heck... Lets add a logo that says, "D C Printerator" and have an animated gif playing Michael Jackson doing a moon walk while it works... (okay okay...... I'm just kidding on this one folks...but wouldn't it be interesting though... :D

I am a neophyte batch scripter so to me this project is an impossible beast but I wonder if its possible for you code munchers out there.

welcome to the site, and good first post!

it's a great question.. but! there are some tools to do this already, free ones and commercial ones i think.
let's see if we can't find a few existing ones and then see if it makes sense for someone to write another.

as mouser mentioned, there exists several tools that come close. you may try iPrint or FinePrint but both are commercial apps. on the freeware side, the only ones i know are for handling text files such as PrintFile or TxtPrint.

Thanks for the replies even on a Saturday!!  I wasn't expecting to hear a response until sometime next week.  Wow....  Well I remember the good old days of PrintFile but sadly I never could get it to work with anything more than plain txt files and it would sputter on my printer for some reason... As far the commercial apps go, well um... I was hoping that this could be another proof of concept type of thing where we can see that this sort of project really isn't as hard as it seems...   I'd like to think of it as my batch file ascension project that will lift me out of my current low level batch world and move me into the realm of the coding initiates...  I'm not really looking for a Rolls Royce or am I?       :D

Am I wrong to think that this is a batch script on steroids?  If it is, then lets give it some Cough Medicine in high doses and I'm sure it would work like a charm... tee hee hee (Oh dear that sounded cheesy even to me...)

Anyways... I had a glance at the FinePrint and the iPrint proggies and they don't seem to hold a candle (er... lightbulb) to my SuperDuperRoboPrinter Project.  Just think... With this DC Printerator, you could simply save your files to this "magic folder from any program and then schedule your Printerator to Attack at a certain hour and then as you chant "By the Powers of Grayskull"... whabang!  The printer will start chirping for the rest of the afternoon while you go to enjoy watching reruns of McGuyver and Superman.... Am I missing anything?   :-\

don't get me wrong -- i wasn't suggesting this might not be a good (great?) project for a dc member to work on.  i just think the first step before coding is to do a thorough look at what already exists.  then you have a better idea if there is really a need for a new program, and what features would be useful.


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