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What is your preferred font?

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That IS cool.  I like that.  Gives it almost a comic book feel to it.

That IS cool.  I like that.  Gives it almost a comic book feel to it.
-superboyac (February 27, 2011, 08:26 PM)
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I'm glad I got the borders to show black because I kept moving my head when the subs were over a white background, as if that would help me read them.  Drove me nuts. :)

This WD box ain't so bad.  Main thing is 1st gen doesn't automatically down sample DTS. I have to convert the audio track to AC3.  Still, it handles just about any format. .mp4 .mkv .m2ts and HD .avi all look great.

The other downside, if you have a DVD image or VIDEO_TS folder with a main movie it's ok.  But if it's an episodic DVD like from a TV show you can't get by the first title set. No menu support. For $100 it ain't bad though.

I found a free PC TTF implementation of Fontin font that looks even better as subtitles. They say it's designed for smaller sizes.  Very easy to read on the TV.

Here's a screen shot.  This is font size 18 with border width of 3 for a 720P video

I think the RayGun font looks much better ...-MilesAhead (February 27, 2011, 06:03 PM)
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Yeah, it is really good looking!

Sadly, it isn't Unicode. Not even close. Is it old? (no €)  :(

click to enlarge to 735x1506 pixels:

What is your preferred font?


Sadly, it isn't Unicode. Not even close. Is it old? (no €)  :(

-Curt (March 17, 2011, 06:30 PM)
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I use AviAddXSubs for .srt to idx/sub conversion. It only likes Ansi .srt anyway.

edit: I'm finding some very nice fonts here:

but I don't think they categorize by unicode compliance.  I searched unicode and only got 3 hits. I suspect it only searches name/description.  Found some nice monospaced that don't look lame.  Nice site.


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