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FARR Hogging RAM?


Hello all:
I just noticed that FARR is running with more RAM than usual. It's showing that the virtual size is 103,000K and the working set is at 25,000K. I should mention that I only use that terminology (virtual size, working set) because that's what Process Explorer shows, so throwing more five dollar tech words won't mean much to me. LOL. I do, however, understand (for the most part) what those two numbers mean.

At any rate, is this normal or is something a bit wonky? As usual, any help or suggestions are very much appreciated!

That sounds pretty normal - after just booting my system and doing a FARR search, I've got Virtual Size of 138MB and Working Set of 22MB. The figures in ProcExp you should be most interested in are the "private parts" (:-[), since that's the "meat" of the memory allocations.

procexp shows almost the same figures on my pc. but i always believed in giving Farr copious amounts of memory. :)

however if you want to reduce the memory usage, you can go to Options > General and change the "Inactive Memory Usage" settings.

Thanks for pointing out that option. Much appreciated!


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